Burn Fat, Not Time with the HIT Machine

Balance Leisure is proud to announce the latest edition to it’s portfolio of top class fitness equipment – The HIT Machine.

“Burn Fat Not Time with the HIT Machine”


HIT Machine

The HIT Machine is a new concept in concentric biased training which facilitates high intensity/low impact small group workouts.

The HIT Machine uses patent pending, breakthrough technology and a zero gravity, free motion bar. The more force you apply the more resistance the machine creates. There is no conventional weight on the machine, the resistance depends on the forces you apply. This greatly reduces the risk of injury with the added benefit of a significant reduction in post exercise pain caused by delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


Hit Machine Balance Leisure

HIT Machine sessions are high in intensity low on impact and short in duration. The machine responds to each user individually this leads to significantly higher levels of intensity, greater calorific burns and ultimately highly desirable changes in body shape.

To find out more contact us at Balance Leisure – sales@balanceleisure.com or telephone 028 90458313.


Hit Machine